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Below we present the results achieved within the project:

1. Reducing by 10% the consumption of selected resources in over 100 of companies.

2. Generating savings in the use of resources through the preparation of 500 companies to find waste.

3. Increasing the awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of resources savings by reaching up to 3000 entrepreneurs.

4. Reinforcing public conviction about the capacity of an individual [10 000 companies and individuals] to reduce consumption of resources by collecting and sharing good practices.

5. Increasing public awareness of the need for action supporting the effective use of resources by engaging the social partners and research units. 


The products created within the project are: 

  •     key visual identity
  •     informational boards (small and medium-size)
  •     internet web site
  •     facebook fanpage
  •             project’s brochures
  •             educational package
  •      posters made for the poster contest by the contestants (DVD)
  •      Internet banners (document + CD)
  •              sponsored TV advertisement (link)
  •      press articles (document + CD)
  •      e-newsletters and interview’s shortcuts (document + CD)
  •      webcast recording (DVD)
  •      resorts' recommendations 
  •      initial report on the use of resources (document + CD)
  •      initial report on the internal regulations (document + CD)
  •      2nd report on the use of resources (document + CD)
  •      a movie (DVD)
  •      advertising spots (document + CD)
  •      audio recording as well as radio audition’s recording (DVD)
  •      3rd report on the use of resources as well as law regulations (document + CD)
  •      press articles in branch newspapers (document + CD)
  •      ideas on saving resources in SMEs
  •      protocoles from the Managing Committee meetings (CD)
  •      layman’s report (document + CD)
  •      reports evaluating the quality of the trainings (CD)
  •      After-Life communication report (English version) (document + CD)
  •      After-Life communication report (Polish version) (document + CD)
  •      report on the project’s realization for European Commission (CD)
  •      reports on the project results for European Commission (document + CD)